How To Choose Right Permanent Makeup OR Microblading Artist

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

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Powdered eyebrow tattooing

If you are dreaming about perfect eyebrows, lips or eyeliner without spending a minute every day than Permanent Makeup is your answer.

Permanent makeup is a form of tattooing that allow to create long lasting make up for up to 24 month period. It will depends on technique, method, pigment, skin and your artist experience.


Check out for licence. Person and place shall be licensed by local authority. You may find on the local Council website published list with licensed permanent makeup artists same as tattoo artists names. Permanent makeup artists should be trained in Permanent makeup or Microblading organisation. Prior your booking check out an artist portfolio it will help you to understand do you like shape and colour. Each artist have their own signature. There should not be Photoshop over photos, you do want to see real work. Check out for healed work photos. Read customer reviews. If there no review options available it is more likely that artist is hiding from negative reviews. Check out price. Price may varies depending on artists experience, local area etc. Quality work will cost between £150-350 per visit.

Book in for consultation. During consultation ask different questions, such as, what style suits you better, how long will it last, aftercare, touch up sessions, treatment length. You should feel comfortable during your visit. Consultation shall help you to understand whole process better.

Smoky eye , healed permanent makeup

Pay attention to the room/salon cleanliness. Treatment room should look and smell clean.There should not be any dogs, cats etc. Room surfaces should be disinfected in between each customer. Sterile single use needles should be used during treatment. Contraindication should be discussed during your consultation treatment.

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