"If you are going to put something on your face, it is not just about walking into your nearest beauty clinic, it is about selecting a specialist who has years of experience, talent and passion for the art form."

Licensed permanent makeup artist

Performed over 3,500 applications

Trained with top educators in the permanent makeup industry

Julia Valcina is a nationally recognised permanent makeup artist who has combined her artistic talent and career in the beauty industry, to help people to look and feel amazing by enhancing their natural beauty with permanent makeup.


Julia has traveled around the globe to learn the latest techniques in the industry. Participating in masterclasses with recognised artists and attending permanent makeup conferences and forums. She is always honing her skills.



  • Best Eyeliner Over 2 years 2016 by leading permanent makeup company in Great Britain FTG

  • Winner in First Worldwide Permanent Makeup Championship UK 2015




"Constant training and mastering permanent makeup and microblading techniques is the key to the best results. Seeing a lot of awful work produced by others, I have taken a mission to correct and remove other mistakes with non-laser removal methods"

Viktor is a qualified and experienced permanent makeup artist, mainly specialising in permanent makeup removal.