Q: How long does a procedure take?

Your first visit may take between1.30 hr to 2 hr. It will include a mini-consultation, medical history questionnaire, treated area template pre-draw.  


Q: Do I need a second treatment? 

6 out of 10 will need a second visit 4-8 week time. During the healing period, you may lose some colour or area can appear patchy it will be improved during the second visit. Touch up is charged as per price list


Q: How painful is the treatment? 

Most of our customers will rate pain tolerance level 1- 2 ( 1=no pain, 5=very painful).


Q: How long will it last? 

The longevity of semi-permanent makeup varies for every person. It will depend on many factors such as skin type, age, lifestyle, activity etc. Semi-Permanent makeup normally will last you between 12-24 month.


Q: Do I need a consultation prior to my treatment? 

We do recommend to attend a consultation prior to your treatment to discuss the whole process and aftercare. If you can not attend a consultation prior to your treatment, a mini-consultation will be carried out on the day. 


Q: I do not know what style I want?

We will discuss all possible options prior to your treatment and the best advice will be given. New shape templates will be ALWAYS drawn prior to your treatment. 


Q: What means "template"?

A template is a guideline for the artist to follow during your treatment. After the template has been accepted by the customer permanent makeup procedure will begin. 


Q: Are you working with single-use tools, needles? 

The needle, caps, hats, gloves, etc are all disposable supplies and are single use only. The treatment working area is scrupulously cleaned before and after each client.


Q: Do you shave my brow hair off?

Absolutely not. Your artist will work with what you have, subtly integrating their work to suit your natural brow style. 


Q: What will I look like straight after the treatment?

The treated area will look darker in colour immediately after the appointment. This will soften in 7-14 days.  There can be some slight swelling after eyeliner or lip treatments that will come down during 2-24 hr.


Q: I already have permanent makeup, but the shape or colour does not suit me, can you change that?

In this case, we recommend you to visit our consultation to discuss all possible options. The artist will have a look at your current permanent makeup and will tell whether the correction is possible with a new tattoo, or we'll recommend you non-laser removal.


Q: Can I use any other ointments or medicine that enhance or stimulate the healing process?

We do not recommend to use any other liquid or ointment, which is not recommended by your artist. Follow given aftercare by your PMU artist, if in doubt, ask. We are here to help you.


Q: I love my tanned skin, will sun-beds and sun affect tattooed eyebrows, lips or eyeliner? 

Take care before exposing the tattooed area by applying sun cream with an SPF 30-50 to prevent the pigment from burnout or fading.


Q: Can I pull off my scabs?

Please do not touch your scab. Let your skin heal. By pulling scabs you will damage skin and remove pigment.


Q: I am pregnant, breastfeeding or under 18 

Permanent makeup will be not carried out under these conditions, you must be over 18. 


Q: What about aftercare?

We advise that 3 hrs after treatment wash the area with warm soapy water, after this dry heal. This mean, keep the treated area completely dry until the scabs fall off (no water, steam, sweat, creams, makeup, etc).

It may take between 6 to 10 days for eyebrows and eyeliner and 4 to 5 days for lips. More detailed aftercare will be explained on the day of your treatment by our PMU artist. We advise you strictly follow it for the best result.

Q: Why do I have to pay for touch up? 

Due to our experience and high-quality products we work with, most of our customers heal beautifully without the need to come back for touch up. Why should you pay for unnecessary treatment right at the beginning of your journey? 6 out of 10 will heal without the need of having a touch-up. Although the end result depends on each individual skin type, aftercare and expectations. You may require a touch-up session if you lost colour during healing, want to improve colour or shape. Touch-up charges will be applied as per the price list.

Q: Contact lenses and glasses in SPMU treatment?

To perform semi-permanent eyeliner treatment, contact lenses and glasses must be taken off before treatment. Please bring your own contact lenses box with you. You can wear contact lenses after treatment. False eyelash extensions must be removed prior to any eye semi-permanent makeup treatment. Eyelashes can be reapplied not sooner than 30 days after semi-permanent makeup treatment when skin is fully healed.

Make up such as mascara, eyeshadows can be applied as soon as eyeliner scabs are peeled off.