Cosmetic fillers are a natural protein extract used for anti-aging treatments. It is administered as an injection, commonly used in the face to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.


Treating existing wrinkles, cosmetic filelrs can be used by younger people as a preventative measure that can fend off the early signs of aging. 


Cosmetic fillers work on dynamic lines; facial creases and wrinkles caused by repetitive muscle movements. Static lines; fine lines and wrinkles resulting from a loss of skin elasticity, very deep lines can be treated using dermal fillers.

Cosmetic fillers can also be used to reduce excessive sweating from the underarms, palms and feet. 

It will usually take between 3 and 10 days to start to see any muscle relaxing effect and 14 days until the full effect has been reached. 

- Remain upright for 4 hours
- Do small extra contractions of the muscle treated every 20 min for the first hour
- When cleansing, avoid pressure and use gentle strokes away from the eyes
- Avoid facial massages or electrical stimulation of the face for the next 2 weeks
- Avoid wearing tight caps or garments in the area that has been injected
Avoid alcohol and exposure to UV and extreme heat, sauna, steam, sun beds, hot showers, strenuous exercise etc.
- Do not apply makeup for next 6 hr
- Do not touch your face in the areas injected for 6 hours

Contact us:
- If you develop a side effect, such as dry eye, droopy eyelid, heavy brow
- Any other side effects, you may think are important
- If you feel distressed or worried in any way
-Routine adjustments can be carried out from day 14 after your procedure