At Permanent Touch we offer a range of permanent eyebrow techniques to achieve the ideal look for you.

Julia is an award-winning licensed permanent makeup artist specialising in microblading, digital and ombrew powdered brows from her clinic in Thetford, Norfolk.

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A touch-up is needed for perfecting the colour intensity, shade or shape of your microbladed eyebrows.

During treatment, the shape will be adjusted and patches will be topped up if they have appeared during the healing time.

The price for colour correction on applications done by another technician will be given at consultation after assessment of existing shape and colour.


Permanent makeup prices include 1 visit. Following visits will be charged according to the price list.  Multips visits for permanent makeup corrections are often needed. Results can not be guaranteed.

If you wish to book a treatment with 1st top-up included, please make a correct choice in the booking system.


Patch test for allergies is recommended, it will be carried out at consultation or will be sent out by post on request.


Aftercare will be explained during your treatment. It is very important to follow all aftercare advice as this can affect the healing process and the end result.


A £25 deposit is required for each booking slot. A deposit will become non-refundable 72hr prior to your treatment. If you in need to reschedule your time slot within 72 hr prior to your appointment new additional £25 payment fee will be applied (it will not be credited towards treatment costs). After you move your time slot, a deposit will become non-refundable at any time. It is easy to book online.


Once a booking is completed confirmation a SMS/email will be sent out to you.

All consultations are FREE of charge

For more information refer to FAQ page