We recommend that you attend a consultation prior to your treatment to discuss questions related to permanent makeup treatment and aftercare.


A patch test will be also carried out during visit or it can be sent out by post on request

Your step by step guide to your visit:

permanent makeup consultation thetford

Initial Consultation (or mini-consultation will be given prior to any treatment). At his stage all questions will be discussed, treatment stages, aftercare


Depending on individual pre-numb can be used for the best comfort during treatment. 


Fixing template with a first pass using a tool designed for permanent makeup with pigment. 


During treatment, you may be asked to sit up to double-check on treated area shape and symmetry.


We explain aftercare and expected healing stages. Answering questions.


Treated area template pre-draw. This stage we will use makeup pencil or shadows to find the best shape and technique what suit your face. Taking photo prior to your treatment. 


Getting ready for the procedure. The working area gets prepared. Single-use tools are opened.


Secondary numbing cream can be used for maximal comfort during treatment if necessary.


We finishing treatment by taking the photo. End of your treatment we will utilise all used products in the provided bin.


Booking for touch up session.



  1. People younger than 18 years old

  2. Pregnant or breastfeeding women

  3. Insulin Diabetics

  4. Eyeliner can’t be performed if you suffer from glaucoma

  5. People who have skin diseases like psoriasis or eczema on the treated area

  6. People who have an infection, rash or blisters on or around their eyebrows, lips or eyes

  7. If you are allergic on topical anaesthetics

  8. Several other allergies, contact us for a patch test

  9. Active stage of cold sores, blisters

  10. People with a history of getting dark spots after a skin injury (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or PIH)

  11. If you suffer from haemophilia or taking anticoagulants/blood thinners

  12. People with active skin cancer

  13. Have a  history of keloid scarring

  14. If you suffer from epilepsy

  15. Taking Accutane or steroids

  16. If you've had an eye lift/blepharoplasty, you must be fully healed to attend PMU treatment

  17. At least 2 weeks after Botox or filler treatment

  18. People with uncontrolled high blood pressure

  19. People with a mitral valve disorder

  20. Under alcohol or drug influence

  21. People who currently have shingles

  22. People who won't follow the aftercare instructions


  1. Do not consume alcohol prior to your treatment or straight after

  2. Do not consume any painkillers prior to your treatment

  3. Stop taking vitamin C a week prior to your treatment

  4. If you’re planning lip treatment and you ever suffered from cold sore contact us prior to your treatment for more instructions.

  5. Initially permanent makeup was done at another clinic consultation prior booking in treatment is needed.


  1. The treated area may swell up straight after treatment, lip and eyeliner swelling may last between 2 – 24 hr time it will depend on each individual.

  2. We do not recommend to carry out permanent makeup straight before your planned hot country holidays. Allow at least 14 days before your planned event.

  3. Read carefully aftercare instructions.

  4. Pigment colour will be changing during healing time, within 4 weeks after the initial visit.

  5. Touch up visit can be planned between 4 – 8 week after initial treatment, not sooner.

  6. Pigment brightness, thickness and eyebrow shape can be adjusted during touch up session.