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Realistic Eyebrows


With this technique, we can achieve following results: recreate eyebrow achieving realistic look simulating natural eyebrow hairline 

Ideal for people who lost eyebrows hairs, suffer with alopecia or want to cover scars e.t.c.

Results - maximal realistic hair with individual hair pattern, fluffy eyebrow look

Suits to anyone and fades gradually over the years.





Digital or Microblading 

With this technique, we can achieve following results: “refill” empty spaces in the eyebrow, maximize eyebrows volume.

Ideal for people who lost eyebrows hairs, suffer with alopecia or want to cover scars e.t.c.

Results - maximal realistic hair with individual hair pattern.

Suits to anyone and fades gradually over the years.



Powdered Eyebrows

Soft shadow to Dramatic look 

With this technique we can achieve following result: recreate makeup shadow or penciled eyebrow look. 


Ideal for those who want neat eyebrow look with defined shape soft or intense colour.

This method is great for any skin type.

If you have some eyebrow hairs, effect is even better.

Results - effect of tinted and well groomed eyebrows.

Suits all age as effect is ageless and timeless.



Natural Full Lip Effect

Soft Shading Technique

This style is for you if you want to perfecting lip symmetry, shape or colour with keeping natural look as possible.

Results - lips without sharp line along lip outline, very natural look, shallow pigment application.

Ideal for most natural look, nude lip look. 

Great base for lip gloss or lip stick. 



Full Lip with Contour 

For Fuller Look

This style is for you if you want to perfecting lip symmetry by adding more intense lip colour along the lip outline. 

Result - intense colour along lip line, full lip coloured with pigment, depending on chosen colour can look like lip stick or very natural.

Great base for lip gloss.



Lip Stick Effect

Intense Colour Shading

Results - crisp line outline achieved with colour intensity, matt lip stick or penciled lip look.

Looks great with lip gloss applied over.

Ideal for those who wear lip stick every day or who want to perfecting lip colour or shape. 

Few colour shades can be used to achieve bigger lip volume.



Eyelash Enhancement

Top and /or Bottom

Results - brighten up lash line

Ideal for hooded eyelid, for those who do not wear eyeliner but still want to brightened eyes.

Eyelash enhancement will fill in lash line. It will add visually volume to your lashes. 




Classic Eyeliner

Eyeliner With or Without Flick

Classic chick look, elegant black liner, thick or thin, with a flick or without.

Ideal for those who regularly draw eyeliner and love crisp lines.

Classic eyeliner will last longest out of any other style. Although annual colour boost sessions are recommended.




Smoky Eye Effect

Dramatic Look Sexy Eye

 Results - blend of colours, dramatic look, smoky eye effect, selection of different colour pigments can be used.

Ideal for brave ladies who prefer brighter makeup 24/7

This effect will last depending on requested colour intensity starting from 1 year




Soft Shadow Effect Eyeliner

Results - soft blend of colour to achieve shadow effect, very soft look.

Ideal for those who love soft look but still want eyes to stand out. 




Shaded Classic Style Eyeliner

Result - chick look eyeliner with sexy flick finishing with soft shading. 

This look is for you if you prefer classic look without any sharp crisp lines.




Soft Shadow Lash Enhancement

Result - defined eye shape, with slight shadow along lash line. 

This look is for you if you want darker lash line, it will also increase lash volume. Looks great on hooded eyes. Suitable for any age group.





We can remove unwanted or bad permanent makeup or bad microblading.

To achieve the best result, several sessions needed.

Won't leave scars, quick healing time.

Will remove red, purple, blue, green, grey, orange, white, black, brown, pink colours.



Touch up is needed for perfecting color intensity, color shade or shape.

During treatment shape will be adjusted, patches if this appeared during the healing time, will be topped up with pigment.


Price for Colour Correction on applications done by another technician will be given at consultation after assessment of existing shape and colour.


Permanent makeup prices include 1 visit. Following visits will be charged according to the price list.  Permanent makeup corrections multiple visits are often needed. Results can not be guaranteed. 


Patch test for allergies is recommended, it will be carried out at consultation or will be sent out by post on request.


Aftercare will be explained during your treatment. It is very important to follow all aftercare as this can affect the healing process and the end result.


£25 Deposit required for each booking slot. A deposit will become non-refundable 72hr prior to your treatment. If you in need to reschedule your time slot within 72 hr prior to your appointment new additional £25 payment fee will be applied (it will not be credited towards treatment costs). After you move your time slot, a deposit will become non-refundable at any time. It is easy to book online.


Once a booking is completed confirmation SMS/email will be sent out to you.

All consultations are FREE of charge

For more information refer to FAQ page