Eyebrow Trend 2019 in Permanent Makeup and Microblading

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Fluffy Look Tattooed Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

Finally, the perfectly drawn Instagram brows are out of fashion. Overly sculpted, contoured, arched, product heavy brows are getting out of fashion. Fake looks and overdone eyebrows stay in the past, it also takes a lot of makeup and time to look after. Solid overdone eyebrows does not look real.

Fluffy and Realistic

Fluffy Realistic look is a latest eyebrow trend. It does take less steps and less definition to create. It is about brow fluffiness, less perfect eyebrows that adds youthfulness to the face. The messier brows with straighter and longer shape are absolutely trendy. Full, natural and brushed up brows. The key to this look is full brow with little visible product. It can be created with latest products in permanent makeup or microblading, a fluffier, feathered texture achieved by creating hair stroke pattern similar like brushing the hair upwards.

The key to this look full brow with little visible product

If your eyebrow hair are sparse or you have lost most of your hair, fine tattooed hair strokes will create look of individual brow hair.

How to achieve realistic eyebrow look in permanent makeup?

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I use two methods to create Realistic Fluffy Eyebrows using permanent makeup. Hairstroke technique and shading. This methods are done with digital device. Pigment gets implanted into skin layer using thinnest available needle. Whole work gets done only with a tip of needle. Realistic hairstroke eyebrows are very natural looking eyebrows. The technique used in creating hairstroke creates very beautiful fluffy brow design. This look will help to restore youth, fresh look and provide natural, soft expression without harsh edges of solid eyebrow tattoo.

Shading is used in between of hairstrokes to add depth and colour to the eyebrow body. It is combined with individual hairstrokes for the defined look that is still natural.

hairstroke eyebrow microblading micropigmentation semi permanent makeup permanent makeup eyebrow tattooing realistic hairstroke julia valcina thetford

Realism art is the most compelling type of tattoo or permanent makeup enthusiasts. These lifelike design brings substance and aesthetic appeal to your face. Realism hairstroke eyebrows represent a step above ordinary or traditional way of drawing eyebrows. A realism hairstroke eyebrows features a three dimentional design and gives the image far greater depth than flat or two dimentional design. Realism hairstroke eyebrows also emphasize a greater level of artistry. In this way, you can get a custom eyebrow tattoo that looks like masterpiece.

Main and important thing about realistic eyebrows in permanent makeup is that this result will never goes out of style.

Creating realistic eyebrows with traditional makeup is not easy and almost impossible due to natural hair thickness, it also does not last. Product will smudge throughout the day and will not last at all when workout, or swimming are involved, also during hot days or if you simply have an oily skin.

Thankfully with permanent makeup this not a problem. Fluffy Realistic Look tattooed eyebrows will last between 1-2 years time until colour boost will be required to maintain the colour.

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