Semi Permanent Make Up VS Tattoo : main difference

Microblading, semi permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing or micropigmentation there are a lot of names meaning same process but what makes it different to regular tattoo?

Semi permanent makeup vs regular tattoo have similar methods of inserting ink / pigment into the skin. In fact it is different in other aspects.

Skin depth

Semi permanent makeup / microblading focused on the face. In comparison to regular tattoo that cover body areas face has thinner and more sensitive skin. Regular tattoo ink gets implanted into dermis middle to lower layer. Semi permanent makeup pigment gets implanted in the lowest layer of epidermis and top layer of the dermis.


Semi permanent makeup pigments will generally fade in 1 to 2 years time depending on skin type, aftercare , life style, customer age prior to requiring refreshment sessions.

Regular tattoo will last forever, colour may fade slightly overtime.


In semi permanent makeup used gentle rotary machines or manual pens with small and thin in size configuration needles or micro blades. In regular tattoos powerful coil machines are more commonly used with larger needles that accommodate areas with thicker dense skin textures.

Ink vs pigment

Semi permanent makeup ink is called “pigment”. It has a lot more thicker texture in comparison to tattooing ink. Permanent makeup pigments are specially designed to compliment different skin tones so that result are as natural as possible. Body art tattoo ink is designed to be truly permanent and fades in a different way over time, it is made to be implanted into deeper layer of dermis where pigment particles will stay permanently.


Semi permanent makeup is almost painless, it is normally rated between 1 to 2 depending on area. Regular tattoo depending on area pain lever is rated 6 to 9 out of 10.

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